Active Dallas County Organizations
Please Note, The below information correct at time of posting

American Legion Post 3rd Tues 7:30 PM Legion Hall
Buffalo 4-H Chargers 3rd Monday 6:30 PM Engles Center Paula Gathright


Buffalo AM-Vets Post 11 2nd Sun 11:00 AM Post Ronnie Martin


Buffalo Area Professional Business Women Association 3rd Thurs 6:00 PM Linda Portman 345-5000
Buffalo Bills & Jills 1st/3rd Thur 8:00 PM VFW Hall
Buffalo Chapter 446 OES
2nd/4th Thur 7:30 PM Masonic Hall Bob Anderson 345-2377
Buffalo FFA A/R A/R Buffalo HS Terry Hallerenn 345-8424
Buffalo Garden Club 1st Mon 1:30 PM First Baptist Chutch Shirley West 345-5611
Buffalo Home Schoolers 2nd Tues 2:00 PM O’Bannon Bank Laina Tryon 993-5840
Buffalo Kiwanis Thurs 12:00 PM

Simms Restaurant

Jerry Hardesty 345-2701
Buffalo Lion’s 2nd/4th Mon 12:00 PM


Bill Harris 7259 or 7732
Buffalo Saddle Club 3rd Tues 7:00 PM Saddle Club Arena Frankie Phillips 345-8651
TBD TBD Jack Neill 345-2579
City Council Meeting 2 Mon 7:00 PM City Hall 345-2701
Chamber of Commerce 1st Wed 12:00 PM

Maple Street Grill

Bill Bryant 345-2852
CHART 3rd Wed 10:30 AM Colonial Springs Robert McMillan 345-2228
CT-2000 2nd Thur 12:00 PM Engles Ctr Deanna Stuckey 7551 or 6358
D.A. Mallory & Middle School PTA 2nd Thur 7:00 PM Judy Pinkley 345-8051
Dallas County Betterment Association 3rd Tues 7:00 PM O’Bannon Bank, South Judy Hargis 345-2829
Dallas County Car Club 3rd Thur 7:00 PM O’Bannon Bank, South David Johnson 345-7491
Dallas County Historical Society 3rd Thur 6:30 PM Museum Monty Viets 345-2233
Dallas County Parent Support Group 3rd Thur 7:00 PM 1st Baptist Church Linda Steinflower 895-7964
Dallas County Retired Teachers Association 4th Mon 8:00 AM


Warren Kennedy 345-8714
Democratic Committee 1st Mon 7:30 PM


James Claspil
Disabled American Veterans Chap 62 1st Tues 6:00 PM DAV Bldg Don Bose 345-7199
Foose Community Club 2nd Friday 6:30 PM Foose Community Bldg Kathy Foresee 345-2401
Fraternal Order of the Eagles 2nd/4th Thur 8:00 PM Eagles Lodge
Friends & Neighbors 1st Thur 11:00 AM Jean Collomore 345-5050
Gingham Gals 1st Thur 10:00 AM Maxine Nicodemus 345-2589
Health Department 2nd Tues 4:30 PM Health Dept Bob Werner 345-2332
Long Lane 4-H 2nd Tues 6:30 PM Long Lane Park Bldg Angie Nelson 345-5595
Long Lane Lion’s 1st/3rd Tues 8:00 PM Long Lane Park Bldg Ralph Bennett 345-2523
Long Lane PTO 1st Thur 7:30 PM Long Lane Park Bldg Shelly Price 345-2112
Louisburg Lion’s 2nd/4th Tues 7:30 PM Lions Club Bldg Earl Young 752-3691
Ministerial Alliance 3rd Thur 1:00 PM Maple Street Restaurant Keith Pyles 345-6487
Moose Lodge 2378 1st/3rd Tues 7:00 PM Lodge Hall
Niangua Neightbors, Habitat for Humanity 3rd Mon 7:00 PM Neightborhood Center
Optimist 2nd & 4th Thurs 6:00 PM Carol Johnson 345-5303
Riddick Lodge No 361 4th Tues 7:30 PM Masonic Hall Dr. Kramer 345-2901
Rotary Tues 12:00 PM Maple Street Grill Nancy Erickson 345-5857
Sedalia-Buffalo Amerind Intertribal Council 3rd Wed 7:30 PM Maple Street Grill Marlys Portis 345-2955
Senior Citizens Center M-F 8:00-4:00 Engles Center 345-8277
Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol 2nd Thur 7:30 PM Engles Center 345-2441
Shriners 1st Mon 6:30 PM Roy Hurd Farm Claude Satterfield 345-7937
Urbana Lion’s 1st/3rd Mon 6:30/4:30 Barb’s Cakes/Bank of Urbana
Urbana Saddle Club A/R A/R Urbana Area Nancy McCowan 993-5550
VFW & Ladies Auxiliary 2rd Thur 7:00 PM VFW Hall Don Lilly 345-5288
Windyville Happy Homemakers Extension 2nd Wed 1:00 PM Windyville Community Bldg