Animal Control


City Ordinance requires that both canine and felines be licensed yearly for $2.00.  In order to obtain a license you will need to bring proof of current rabies vaccination to City Hall.   Renewal date for this license is June of each year. City Tags are a great way to insure your pets safe return to your home. More information on City Ordinances related to animals is available here:   Animal Control Related Ordinances.

Animal Control is a function of the police department. If you have a loose or stray animal in your neighborhood that is creating a problem for you or other residents call the non-emergency dispatch number at (417) 345-1999.

If you are wanting to get rid of a pet you no longer want, please contact a local rescue group.  A current list of contacts is available at City Hall.


To Check Out Pets to Adopt check out the Buffalo City Pound Facebook page: