Water & Sewer Rates

The information on this page is specifically intended for residential customers.  Commercial customer pay the same rate, but the method of calculation may be different.  Contact City Hall for more information.

The meter reader reads water meters every month unless weather prevents it.  That reading is used to calculate your water bill.   The City of Buffalo reads and bills in 100 gallon increments.

Water Rates – $6.50 for first 1000 gallons; $.25 per 100 for the next 19,000 gallons; $.21 per 100 for the next 30,000 gallons; $.16 per 100 for all other water usage over 50,000 gallons.  Rates for customers outside the city limits is higher.

Sewer Rates – $12.50 base charge plus $.48 per 100 gallons.  Sewer Rates are based on a winter average.  Residential rates are refigured each year in April and May.  The new sewer price goes into affect with the bill that is due on June 10.  The charge remains the same for the next twelve months.

Trash Rates – The City of Buffalo contracts out trash service and serves as a billing agent.  Trash service is mandatory inside the city.    The current monthly charge for 1 trash cart is $10.10.

Utility Bills are mailed out at the end of the month.  They are due by the 10th.  The accounts not paid in full by the 24th will have services disconnected the next business day.

Water Usage is unique to each house and family.