Water & Sewer Budget



The information on this page is specifically about the water and sewer fund, which is by accounting standards considered an enterprise funds.  The water and sewer fund should charge enough in user fees to pay existing expenses, debt from past capital projects and plan for future needs.


Revenue from Enterprise Fund
   Water $251,883.77
   Sewer $603,695.77
   Trash $369,902.05
   Penalty/Service Charges $36,753.98
   Other Revenues $1,760.00
   Total Revenues FYE 9/30/15 $1,263,995.57



Expenses from Enterprise Fund
Salaries & Wages $236,520.48
Operating Expenses $217,932.37
Trash Services $359,102.67
Depreciation $304,330.04
Interest Net of Revenue $65,677.96
Transfer to General Fund $42,000.00
Total Expenses FYE 9/30/15 $1,225,563.52


City of Buffalo Enterprise Fund Debt
Water Tower $80,000.00
Sewer Plant 2000 $515,000.00
Sewer Plant 2007 $2,980,000.00
Total Debt $3,575,000.00


In this fiscal year (FYE 9/30/15) the City will pay $295,000 in principal payments towards retiring that debt.